Bibliography of Publications
Concerning the December 6, 1917 Explosion
in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
© Alan Ruffman and Wendy Findley 2007

This is only a second draft of what will be a much more extensive document in the end. We have begun by listing all items found on the various lists in the Halifax Public Library and on the cards in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, along with items in the personal collection of the senior author. Very few of these items have been examined in hard copy as yet. We are only beginning to pull each item and to check its listing against the actual published volume. As a result there are many gaps, incomplete items and "yes" lots of errors. Be warned. "Yes indeed" we would welcome corrections or additions to the senior author at the postal mail address listed or at <>.

DRAFT II August 31, 2007    
Alan Ruffman and Wendy Findley
Geomarine Associates Ltd.
P.O. Box 41, Station M, Halifax
Nova Scotia, Canada B3J 2L4

A bibliography on any topic is by its nature a living piece of work and, in most cases, something built on the shoulders of others. So it is in this case. The authors wish to thank the Reference Department staff at the Halifax Public Library on Spring Garden Road, Halifax, for their efforts over the years to periodically update their list of relevant 1917 Explosion 'Materials From Halifax Public Libraries'. The current version is up-to-date to about 2003 and records materials that can all be located in the Halifax Public Libraries System.

We also thank the staff at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS) at 6016 University Avenue, Halifax, who assiduously maintained the card catalogue with respect to PANS Library items for the 1917 Explosion for many years up to the early 1980s. Phyllis R. Blakeley was the Provincial Archivist who saw to it that this card catalogue was set up and maintained. Sadly, in recent years as the Public Archives of Nova Scotia has slowly but surely morphed into a Nova Scotia government records archival facility, the staff has been instructed to no longer maintain the card catalogue, though a few will still surreptitiously make a forbidden annotation, or correction, to a card. Unfortunately the bureaucrats have not mandated that the data on the historical library collection be entered into a systematic digital database, thus the PANS card catalogue under 'Halifax Explosion' is still an essential source with respect to the 1917 Explosion in Halifax Harbour as is the PANS 'finding aid' for Manuscript Group 27. This bibliography is the first to combine the material in the Halifax Public Libraries System and in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.

Whenever possible the senior author has looked at an original hard copy of each item in the bibliography. This bibliography is hopefully consistent with respect to format. Generally only published books, journal and magazine articles are included though on occasion ephemera or a manuscript item has been entered including several poems. In collections of separately authored chapters in volumes such as GROUND ZERO, each author's contribution is listed. At this stage, video and internet sources are not included; these deserve to be compiled as soon as possible. Omissions and errors are entirely at the hands of the authors. We would appreciate notification of the same at P.O. Box 41, Station M, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2L4, at phone (902) 477-5415, or at <>. We would particularly like to learn of items in the 'grey literature', as librarians so easily classify items that have an 'unpublished' origin, items in vertical files, ephemera collections, or in manuscript form. No attempt has been made to annotate the bibliography at this stage, and a separation of the published material into 'primary' and 'secondary' sources has not been done. Nor have we noted the sources which we consider most useful versus those that are entirely derivative in nature, inaccurate, or less-than-useful. 

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