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• On Shore: Devastation in the Blast Area
    The explosion of the Mont-Blanc had the destructive power of a massive earthquake. The shockwave laid the Richmond community to waste. In the immediate vicinity of the blast, houses, shops, and factories were splintered into kindling. Long chains of rail cars and locomotives were smashed and tossed about like toys. The Sugar Refinery, a concrete and brick structure which stood ten stories, to the top of its smoke stack, was reduced to rubble.
The Halifax Sugar Refinery
The Sugar Refinery - Before - and after the explosion.

   • How large was the effected area?
   The explosion had the greatest impact in the Richmond district, a key industrial and residential area of the city. The primary devastation of the Richmond district is highlighted by the gray area below. The tsunami caused by the explosion is roughly indicated by the blue patch covering both shores on each side of the harbour. The red X indicates where the Mont-Blanc exploded. The Sugar Refinery above was close to this position. Throughout surrounding areas the concussion ripped doors from their hinges and smashed windows in virtually every building in the city. The concussion carried well beyond the edges of this map.

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