town clockThe Halifax Explosion

• What was the Halifax Explosion?
  The Halifax Explosion was a disaster that occurred in a thriving city at a time of war. The Explosion was the result of a collision between two ships in the Halifax Harbour. At 9:04:35 on the morning of December 6, 1917, a munitions ship, the Mont-Blanc exploded, immediately killing more than 1600 men, women, and children. More than 9000 others were wounded, 12,000 buildings were damaged, either laid flat or made uninhabitable, barely a single pane of glass was left to keep out the weather. The destruction covered 325 acres of Hailfax, and Dartmouth across the harbour.

Earth to Map of Canada • Where is Halifax?
   Halifax, now a bustling modern city, is centrally located on the south shore of Nova
   Scotia, Canada. Dartmouth is a stone's throw across the harbour.
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Halifax as it looks today. This photo shows part of the downtown area in the foreground,
the Cidatel in the background.  Click the image for a wider view. Photo Credit B.O'Grady

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