I was there...
• Ethel Morash: Grandfather's Morning Walk.
(Adapted from an interview with J.Kitz)
The Dartmouth Shore

Ethel Morash, formerly Ethel Mitchell, lived on Hester Street close to her Grandparents. Her Grandfather, who owned a large parcel of land there, named the street after his mother.

"My Grandfather used to walk along the shore in the mornings."

My grandfather was down on the shore when the explosion occurred. The concussion of the explosion threw him up against rocks on the shore. Fortunately, he was able to scramble up the rocks before the tsunami hit the Dartmouth shore. The harbour parted, the wave went right over him, but he hung to a lamp post, a great big post along the railway track. He hung on for dear life around that post. Then the wave receded, but just when he got his breath, it came back and went over his head again. The third wave was just to his waist, and then it gradually receded. This all occurred just where the old North Ferry used to be at the foot of Jameson Street.

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