I was there...
• A Tragic Day... Accounts from Survivors

Barbara Orr - A Tragic Day for Barbara Orr

Ethel Morash (n.Mitchell) - A Narrow Escape

Ethel Morash - Grandfather's Morning Walk

Mr. Percy Hardy - The only thing that saved us was...

Dorothy Chisholm & Bill Chisholm

James Pattison - A young boy on his way to school...

Don Crowdis - Recounts Family Experiences

Evelyn Lawrence

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Explosion Experiences of:

Francis MacLennan

Ian Forsyth

Dr. Wilfred Creighton

Helen Wheeler

Aileen Meagher

Mrs George Wrixon

Mr. Noble Driscoll

Mr. Fowlie

Irene Vantassel

Jean Ross

Angus L. MacDonald

Cornell Caldwell

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